Exploring Movies Outdoors In An Old Fashion Way

Some or most of us probably think that outdoor cinema is a new concept. That it just started within the time of the modern age. We are all wrong because this idea has already traveled way, way back in our history. So let us explore.

Old Fashion Way

Short History of Outdoor Cinema

During 1895 when Lumiere Brothers invented the world of cinematography, they coined the word “Cinema”, which is still widely used today. At that time, the device can only show up to a minute of films. Then come the 20th century, where the invention improved and was able to show the very first “living photographs.” This was widely seen a variety of halls and theaters where people can freely look at them. Since it was something new to them, at that time it was already fascinating. But came the year 1907, where that very first moving cinema or the traveling cinema was created. However, it was very hard to keep their audience because of the movie theaters that offers more comfort and choice.

But the oldest and the longest running showing outdoor movies can still be found in Australia. However, it is still well known that the concept of the open-air cinemas began at around 1916 in Berlin, Germany. Over the span time, outdoor cinema until now are still widely enjoyed by many movie enthusiasts and evolved dramatically.

During 1933, drive-in-cinema was established in the USA. It started in New Jersey, wherein the “Camden Drive-in” opened its doors to muscle cars and the classic American old timers.  Then the rest was history for the Drive-in Movies because around 1960’s it declined drastically. Then came the year 1980’s, the new wave of open-air-cinemas opened its doors to the public.

Nowadays, it is still the best place for people who want to enjoy sitting under the moonlight while watching a movie with the company of good strangers. There is no doubt that this tradition will ever fade. This also opened big opportunities for outdoor advertising and hosting sporting telecasts. Outdoor movies will still give people the delightful and engaging experience that the movie theaters can’t offer.

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